About Naterial

For great outdoor moments

The Brand for great outdoor living: creating, organising, decorating and enabling me to get the most enjoyment from all my outdoor spaces (gardens, patios, courtyards, balconies…) A barbecue with friends, a reading break in the shade alone, a stroll down the alley to the back of the garden … Outside as much as inside, beautiful moments are invented. Naterial helps me to take advantage of all my exteriors (furniture, swimming pools, etc.).

Positive products

We are part of an approach that respects people and the environment while presenting you the right products to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

We market wood from forests certified for the preservation of biodiversity and for the respect of local populations.

We work only with suppliers who comply with strict social requirements in order to ensure that our products are manufactured with respect for the health, safety and integrity of employees.

We increase the lifespan of its products by promoting the principles of repairability and by favoring the choice of qualitative materials

We support you in the right gestures for the maintenance and care of your products in order to enjoy them as long as possible.

We reduce the packaging of our products keeping only the protective function during transport, and we favor renewable and recyclable materials over those from fossil origin.

We offer you the right choice of products adapted to functional needs, desired uses or dreamed atmospheres.

Committed production

Manufacturing our products impacts the life of thousands of workers and their families worldwide. Our aim is to accompany our suppliers and their factories to guarantee and sustainably improve workers’ working and living conditions while limiting their direct impact on the environment. 100% of our suppliers are qualified on social & environmental requirements in production. We develop long term cooperation with supplier that develop local economy.